Sports - Mr. B's

Our programs are suited for beginners to more advanced athletes and is sure to be exciting, challenging and fun for everyone!


Skills to be taught:  Underhand serve, overhand serve, forearm pass, set, spike, tipping, free balls, pushing, and back row attack.  Team concepts including transitioning, proper positioning, and defense will also be covered.  Finally, individual positions and roles will be introduced.

Our “Friday Nights” Volleyball is more game oriented with campers unknowingly improving simply by getting countless repetitions each night.

Our “Skills, Drills, and More” Clinics will focus more on improving skills with games also playing an important role.


Campers will be taught how to properly put line on a reel, how to tie knots, bait selection, how to put bait on, casting techniques, and catch and release. With more kids these days reaching for their devices, this camp puts the fun back in socializing face to face with their peers while catching some fish.  We end camp each week with a fishing derby where parents are welcome to cheer them on.