Interested in eventually trying out for a school team? Simply want to get better at volleyball? Like the game and just want to play? Look no further!! Our camps and clinics introduce campers to all aspects of the game.  From individual skills to team concepts and strategies, our clinics will prepare you for success.  Campers will spend their time improving their skills through various drills and skill-oriented games. Various competitions and games are played to further throughout camp to enhance these skills as well.

“Let’s Play“
Our “Let’s Play“ Clinics are filled with games and fun. There are no drills. Instead, just endless competitions and games. Campers will experience countless repetitions and numerous game like situations each day, all while having a blast with their friends. The campers don’t even know they’re getting better. But believe me, they are, and they will.


“Skills, Drills, & More“
This clinic has the perfect combination of activities, instruction, contests, games, learning, and most important, FUN!!! Campers will spend half their time with drills that focus on passing, serving, hitting, and offensive/defensive strategies. Various games and tournaments will follow, where campers will further work on these fundamentals.


“Summer Nights’
This clinic is exactly what “SUMMER NIGHTS“ should be….evenings spent
with friends and having fun. Come hang out, play some volleyball,
and enjoy the competitions, and company!! Campers will have the opportunity to play numerous tournaments each session. All skill levels welcome!!